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Hi to anyone who finds us here on LJ! Along with schohn, I moderate this community with the hope that we can all enjoy a friendly "family" game of Animal Crossing: City Folk :) The rules have been laid out, so let's move on to the fun!

The community will create itself as it grows, and we as moderators will work to ensure that it remains a fun and exciting place to be as the membership expands. We encourage members to make friends based on similar interests outside of AC, and to have conversations about everything from gaming tips to LGBT-friendly places to live to gender theory. I'd like to propose a "Cafe" of sorts to keep the majority of the posts AC-related, and give everyone an equal opportunity for getting in on other topics. So, I'll post a weekly entry where all conversations without an Animal Crossing tie-in can be started or you can send users to your personal LJ from comments. It'll be linked to in the group header entry and info page for easy access, and will always have the subject "Queer as City Folk Cafe."

Again, welcome, and feel free to contact either of us should you have questions, comments, or suggestions to make the community the best it can be :)
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Welcome to Queer as Animal Crossing: City Folk

I am recently addicted to Animal Crossing: City Folk. As I searched boards for information on the game, I quickly realized the game is more fun when you can visit other towns and have others visit you.

But I had only one friend, my first gf (and the person who recommended the game to me), and was nervous about making friends with others without knowing whether or not they were homophobic. So I began searching to boards for people with town names that might suggest LGBT occupants.

There had to be an easier way. So with the help of lingrnginsilnce, Queer as Animal Crossing: City Folk (queer_as_accf) was born.

The rules are simple. This is a place for LGBT folks and allies (over 18 years of age) to share info about the game and make friends to play with without worrying that you are going to give some homophobic jerk access to your town.

Abuse other members or their towns.
Make homophobic comments.

Share tips.
Share stories.
Share friend codes.
Follow people's town rules.
Have fun.
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